Where In the World Would You Like to Go On a Nordic Walking Tour?

When travelling near or far, few would argue that the best way to experience new destinations is by self-propelled means.  Walking tours are an especially intimate, interactive and sensual way to experience the world. Whether it be an urban stroll, a wilderness hike, or an epic pilgrimage, Nordic walking with Urban Poles powers up your walking activity.  Not only do Urban Poles turn a walk into a workout by engaging the upper body muscles including your core, but they relieve some of the strain on the lower body during long walking days and help with ascending and descending steep terrain.

Michelle of Johannesburg, South Africa on her Camino de Santiago adventure











Rosie Sears of Ottawa in Capri, Italy


So many of you have already experienced the benefits and joys of Nordic walking while discovering the world.  Over the past years, we have heard many stories of people completing 800+ kilometers on “The Way” – the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and they have emphasized they could not have done it without their Urban Poles. Others have trekked to Machu Picchu, Croatia, Ireland, climbed up and over the Andes, tackled the Grand Canyon, explored the Mediterranean coast, or the desert of Namibia, or taken their poles cruising. We have also heard many stories of people who were unaccustomed to regular physical activity, who took up Urban Poling to progress from short walks around the block to the most amazing trekking adventures around the world. Thus, I have been inspired to host an annual international Nordic walking tour starting with this year’s visit to Italy’s Amalfi Coast at the end of September, which has sold out.  In order to select a destination for next year’s tour, I am looking for input NOW on where in the world YOU would like to go with your Urban Poles, from this list I have assembled.



Rosie in Namibia

Whether joining me next year would be a fantasy or a distinct possibility, please consider filling out this very brief six question survey, which will take just a few seconds, by September 15th.  This will help me select a destination for 2019, which I plan to share with you by the end of October.

Link to survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D6V5SLP

Actively yours, Mandy






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