Unlucky Canucky Ducky


One of the things I really appreciate about social media is the opportunity to connect with Nordic walkers around the world. In particular I have enjoyed becoming “Twitter pals” with Janine Lewis of 3J Fitness in Reading, England. I love her creative marketing savvy! I have been inspired by her successful business – offering Nordic walking clinics and adventures in her hometown.

When Janine announced a virtual race to raise funds for the Whizz-Kidz charity in support of disabled children, I was keenly interested. The idea was to complete as many kilometers as possible using human power. She billed it as “your race in your place at your pace.” I signed up as the one and only contestant from Canada. As I began to contemplate my role in the international spotlight via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I thought of how much fun it could be to showcase my backyard: the Canadian Rockies. Thus my husband and I planned a day of outdoor winter adventure in the Lake Louise area with a goal of completing 30 km or more through various Nordic activities.


The virtual challenge was called the Lucky Duck Race and took place on National Rubber Duck Day, January 13 or the following day, January 14. We begin the day by posting pictures of my mascot, Canucky Ducky preparing for a big day. Stage one of our adventure consisted of cross country skiing the Pipestone Trail on the outskirts off the Village of Lake Louise. It was 13 km of cross country skiing bliss. Because it afforded incredible photo opportunities, stage two consisted of a few runs at the Lake Louise Ski Area. Before we hit the slopes we almost lost Canucky Ducky to a grizzly bear but we snatched her from the jaws of death and she was thrilled to be swooshing down the runs with me. We were delighted to see the Lake Louise Ski Area was also celebrating National Rubber Ducky Day.



Stage III of our virtual challenge involved ice skating on Lake Louise. It has to be the most beautiful skating rink in the world. We were even able to find a little open water against the shoreline for Canucky Ducky to swim in. After taking some photos for social media it was time to register some more kilometers by skating around the rink and indulging in one of our Canada’s favorite pastimes, shinny hockey. The light was fast fading and we were contemplating calling it a day when my accident happened. For whatever reason, my feet flew out from underneath me and I fell backwards. As soon as I hit the ice I knew I had seriously injured my wrists. A quick trip to the emergency department at the local hospital confirmed I had fractured both wrists. The casts will come off in six weeks at the end of February. Then extensive physiotherapy will begin in the hopes I can enjoy the tail end of the ski season and prepare to return to my beloved Nordic walking activities.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the well wishes for a speedy recovery. I am adapting well to life with casts on my arms. It has been a blessing to have so many people pitch in to help me with simple day-to-day tasks. I really appreciate the benefits all modern technology such as dictation on my computer which has allowed me to speak these words into my computer and not type them slowly with one finger.

I cannot let this opportunity pass by without plugging the benefits of Urban Poling/Nordic walking. There’s no doubt that a spring summer and fall of Nordic walking prepared me well for this full day of outdoor activity which I completed with energy and muscle power to spare. I still intend to complete my 2018 goal of walking 1000 kms and 1000 miles, although I will have some catching up to do. Why don’t you join me by signing up and logging your steps at UWalk?


Happy trails!




  1. Mandy I am sorry to hear about your injury! I have no doubt you will be back in action in no time and I look forward to hearing of your 2018 adventures!

    • Active by Nature

      Thank you for your kind words, Sharon. Hopefully the casts will come off in one more week and the rehab process will begin. I look forward to meeting you someday soon.

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