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Alchemy of Ride

Ideal Active Wear For All Outdoor Activities

"ALCHEMY is the ancient chemistry of turning base metal into gold. THE RIDE is a metaphor for life.   Turn your RIDE into GOLD." - from Alchemy of Ride website

In the spring of 2017, after many visits to Lynne Harrison's art gallery on Main St. here in Canmore, I finally settled on purchasing a gorgeous, gorgeous jacket featuring Lynne's colourful art work.   Indeed, it was so goregous that for the better part of three years, it hung in my closet as I couldn't bear to wear it doing the outdoor activities it was perfect for.  I didn't want it to get damaged or dirty.  So there it hung, coming out on the rare occasion I went out in dressy casual wear: out to a meeting, or movie or dinner.  Then one day, three years later, I finally decided this was silly.  This jacket needed to be out there in the wilderness, living its full and active life, even if it did endure a few snags and tears along the way.  The coming out day was late in June of 2020, when my husband Colin and I did a bike and hike adventure to Moraine Lake.  It was that brief period of time when the road was clear of snow but not yet open to the vehicle traffic.  We cycled to the lake, had the famous rockpile all to ourselves, where photos were snapped of me in my vibrant "new" jacket. Of course, the photos were soon posted to social media.  Shortly after that, I was contacted by Lynne, who asked me if I would be interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Alchemy of Ride.

  • My first beloved AOR jacket!

  • Photo credit: HikeBikeTravel

  • Taking It To The Top

To say I was thrilled would honestly be an understatement.  Lynne generously provided me with an array of her bright, colourful, eye-catching designs.  Now you see me Nordic walking, hiking, biking, paddling and skiing sporting tanks, T's, jerseys, jackets, base layers, gloves and more from Alchemy of Ride. Because of the breathability of the fabrics, the high SPF ratings and the attention to design detail on things like pockets and zippers, the Alchemy of Ride (AOR) items are perfect for my all my outdoor adventures.

I must confess, now that I am in my sixties, I never anticipated adding "fashion model" to my resume!   But I am loving this new path my career has taken me down.  In the past 10 months I have had dozens and dozens of complete strangers come up to may saying, "Wow, I LOVE your jacket" or "I LOVE your jersey/shirt/vest." But I really don't care what others think. I just LOVE wearing these beautiful yet functional pieces of clothing for biking, hiking, skiing, Nordic walking (of course), paddling and, yes, just lounging around the house as well as going out when I get "dressed up".  They make me feel beautiful and they serve their purpose extremely well.  Here is a link to my complete collection of Alchemy of Ride photos.

The fingerless biking gloves are particularly "handy" for Nordic walking.  I keep a lose grip on my poles, which means on a long day on the trail, with a little bit of movement of my hand against the handle of my poles, I will work up a bit of a blister.  No more!  But they are also light and breathable, so my hands do not get overly sweaty, while it is still easy to grab my phone or camera and snap some photos.  

Many years ago, I used to wear drab clothing out on the trail - greens and grays and blacks.  Then I went to a photography workshop at the Outdoor Adventure Show, where the professional photographer encouraged us to never do wear dull, boring colours.  He shared with us many examples of how colourful clothing makes for outstanding outdoor adventure photos, when the subjects do not readily blend into the background and disappear.  He mentioned how professional photo shoots for travel brochures, calendars and books always feature people in bright and vibrant colours.  His tip of the day was to "buy your loved one a bright red jacket for Valentine's day and see what that does to your photos.  I followed his advice and bought my husband the very same.  However, today his wardrobe is now similarly sprinkled with Alchemy of Ride pieces, which he also loves.   


My advice to you: add some Alchemy of Ride fashions to your wardrobe of outdoor wear, whatever your activity is.  Although Lynne no longer has her gallery on Main St., she often does pop-up shops on the street when it is open for pedestrians and cyclists, during the summer and at special events held in and around Canmore.  Her fashions are sold at Rebound Cycle, at the end of Main St. on 8th Avenue and wherever you are, you can shop on-line here:  Alchemy of Ride. Use my ABYN promotional code for a 5% discount on regularly priced items.  I will look forward to colourfully bumping into you out there on the trails, or perhaps at a restaurant or movie theater.  Keep on moving and grooving!  



What to wear & bring (Spring, Summer, Fall):

  1. Wear comfy casual clothes.
  2. Bring a warm extra layer & rain jacket, just in case.
  3. Running shoes are fine while light trail or hiking shoes provide even more support and are ideal.
  4. Please no flip-flops or sandals.
  5. Leave purses at home. A small backpack is a great bring-along.
  6. Don't forget your water, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, insect repellent and your camera.

What to wear & bring (Winter):

  1. Wear a long sleeve t-shirt/thermal underwear top plus 1 or 2 layers (i.e.: light fleece top, heavier fleece top) & a wind/waterproof shell. Heavy winter parkas and snow pants are usually too warm.
  2. Wear winter boots or lined hiking boots. Icers, which go over your footwear to prevent slipping, are provided when necessary.
  3. Leave purses at home. A small backpack is a great bring-along.
  4. Bring water, gloves/mitts, a hat/headband, scarf/buff/neck warmer, tissues/handkerchief, sunglasses and don't forget your camera!

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