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I love to travel and as you can probably guess, my Urban Poling Adventure Poles travel with me everywhere I go!  From the city streets of New York & Loretto, Mexico to the mountain peaks in Majorca, Spain, they have been with me every step of the way!  Several months ago, Jenni, a travel advisor here in Canmore, started talking to me about organizing a Nordic Walking adventure.  The idea grew on me as I have participated in some amazing group travel experiences in the past.  I have also been inspired by the many success stories Urban Poling has shared about people who have never been really active at all in their lives or they have overcome significant physical and mental health issues.  Then they took up Urban Poling.  Before you know it, they were doing incredible adventures like hiking the Grand Canyon, trekking up and over the Andes to Machu Picchu, or completing the ENTIRE Camino de Santiago!  All 800 kilometres of it!   Now Urban Poling Inc. has created a page on their website where Urban Poling instructor/entrepreneurs from across Canada could post their company’s past and future group travel trips to encourage and inspire people to take their Urban Poling to the next level by going on an adventure vacation with kindred spirits.  Here it is:

It features my upcoming trip to Italy’s famous Amalfi Coast this fall.  I am so excited to be hosting this trip!  We have assembled a fantastic group of 12 individuals (4 couples and 4 women) who are active travellers.  This group will have fantastic chemistry and includes some of my best friends and family members. I will be providing Urban Poling instruction.  The tour company we are using, Exodus, has an excellent reputation and lots of experience organizing adventure travel. The itinerary is exciting, exploring the colourful and ancient villages that cling to the side of the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean with our local guides. There will be a day trip to visit the ruins of Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.  The week will conclude with walking the “Path of the Gods,” rated as one of the top coastal walks in the world.  We will be staying in one place the entire week at a family owned and operated accommodation in Agerola, the Hotel due Torri.  It gets excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and it will be fun to participate in some cooking demonstrations before enjoying our evening meal and sipping some wine outside by the pool!

As of writing this blog, there are just four spots left in our group. We have to firm up our group with Exodus early next week.  So if this trip is of interest to you, please contact me right away.

You will find all the details by starting with this link:


Adventure on, everyone!





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