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Winter in Canmore Photography Walk

I am not a professional photographer.  I do not even consider myself a good amateur photographer.  I think I am fairly good at the creative side of photography.  But technically, knowing how to use my camera on its various settings, I am but a beginner.   But I do love photography […]

Walking Into the New Decade

WOW! It is 2020: A new year and a new decade are upon us. It is a time when many of us will be doing some serious reflection on goal setting. Let me help you with 10 suggestions for walking-related goals: 1. Resolve to walk more Health professionals the world […]

It’s Never Too Late To Become a Sporty Outdoors Gal!

Marguerite Friesen of Elk Point, Alberta confessed to never having been a sporty gal or a lover of being active outdoors.  Indeed, she agrees the label “couch potato” suited her well.  Until Valentine’s Day, 2017 when everything changed. On that fateful day, Marguerite sat on her comfy couch and opened the Edmonton […]

Experts in Unforgettable: The Adventure Hub

Canmore and the surrounding area is an outdoor adventure paradise! While the Rocky Mountains, the foothills and the Bow River provide the setting, it is a group of passionate, independent small adventure tourism operators that are providing the magic – the unforgettable Alberta experiences. This group has formed a unique […]

Unlucky Canucky Ducky

                                                             One of the things I really appreciate about social media is the opportunity to connect with Nordic walkers around the […]